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Active Minds Audio Bingo is a fun, age appropriate game that is accessible for those at early and later stages of their dementia journey, helping to improve cognitive functions and social participation. We designed this game after observing that as people’s dementia progresses they find it harder and harder to play traditional bingo. We wanted to design a game where people in early and later stages of dementia can play together. By using authentic animal sound and beautifully illustrated images instead of numbers, people in later stages of dementia are still able to take part in this popular game.

Animal Bingo is a group activity for up to 8 players, and a bingo caller to run the session. The game is simple, the bingo caller plays the different sounds on shuffle whilst players put counters on the matching image. The caller will also have a flip book to show images of the animals alongside the sounds as an extra prompt. To win, a player needs to match 9 animal on their card and shout Bingo!

Activity is appropriate:

  • for people with mild to moderate dementia
  • as an activity in a group of up to 8 players

Product key benefits:

  • encourages mental activity: semantic memory, short-term and working memory
  • activates both brain hempspheres
  • enhances visual and auditory perceptions and attention and concentration
  • activates decision-making and the control of behavior
  • encourages communication and speech-language skills
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A fun social game Animal Bingo is designed to use pictorial images instead of abstract numbers, which represents a shortcut to our memories and knowledge.

  • We will not just have fun with the game, but at the same time we will strengthen more areas and abilities, as the activity is one of the multifunctional games. We will strengthen and stimulate thought processes, the speed of information processing (executive functions), short-term and working memory, word capabilities, communication, visual and auditory perceptions and fine motor skills.
  • The inclusion of images and audio recordings that replace abstract numbers allows the reception of information across multiple sensual paths. Images of animals allow easier and faster retrieval of data from memories as numbers. Therefore the game is also appropriate for people with memory problems, advanced cognitive decline or dementia.
  • Since the game includes the sounds of animal noises and at the same time their illustrations, it makes it easier to trace the game, as people can respond more quickly (executive functions) to familiar images, remember their meanings and knowledge about an individual animal (semantic memory). Simultaneously processing and linking more information strengthens short-term and working memory.
  • Familiar sounds and photographs of animals can awaken memories of the person's experience with the individual animal. Perhaps he/she remembers where he/she has seen or met this animal, maybe he/she owned this particular animal, or he/she had seen it on the television on several occasions. This way, we can also activate an episodic memory.
  • Activity positively affects emotions, strengthens the sense of belonging to the group, and promotes communication and speaking skills. The game allows the person to feel accepted, integrated and connected with the individual or with the group.
  • Because the game works on multiple senses or sensory perceptions (visual, auditory, touch), on the mind and various memories, it activates both brain hemispheres. The whole process also requires perseverance, attention and concentration from the individual.

Each activity has positive effects only when it is not too easy for the person and not too demanding, so it is important to select the appropriate complexity of the activity.

The principle of three keys applies to success:

  • Frequency: Activity should be performed sufficiently frequently (recommended 2-3 times a week).
  • Duration: more repetitions are needed over a longer period of time (2-3 months).
  • Intensity: Intensively enough means that we take an active part in the activity and insist on it for a while (15, 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the individual's ability).

Additional information

Dimensions 5 cm

Additional information

Dimensions:  26cm x 27cm x 5cm

Materials: Plastic, card & wood

Manufacturer: Active Minds



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