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Aquapaint™ set is one of the most popular activities for people in the mid to late point of their dementia journey. Each set comes with five images and each have been carefully selected by the experts. Each Aquapaint™ set aims to start conversation. The canvas starts of white, with a clear black outline of the image to help guide the painter. When the water dries the image will fade back to white ready to be used time and time again.

Activity is appropriate:

  • for people with mild to moderate dementia
  • as an independent activity or activity in a group

Key benefits:

  • relaxes and calms
  • promotes communication
  • encourages manual skills, observation, attention and concentration
  • allows you to recall memories
  • consolidates the sense of an individual’s identity
  • enhances executive functions: a sense of choice and control
  • suitable for all, regardless of ability
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Artistic activities such as dancing, singing, painting, clay molding, playing on instruments, etc. promote creativity, strengthen positive self-esteem, relax and recharge us.

When a person is unable to perform daily tasks independently because of weakened cognitive abilities, he/she needs somebody's help. Even if the activity cannot be fully accomplished, but only a certain part, that strengthens and maintains the skills and gives them a sense of competence and satisfaction.

Aquapaint is a simple activity that helps strengthening a number of areas in a person with dementia.

By observing the image created at painting, we stimulate visual perceptions and by moving the brush sensory motor skills.

Sensory and motor functions are interdependent:

  • Sensory signals control that the pressure of the hand is just right, not too weak and not too strong.
  • Motor functions are associated with the use of tiny muscles in the fingers, arms and shoulders, in conjunction with vision and / or type.

Even a minimal failure in the sensor or motoric area of ​​our brains can interfere with individual finger movements, which results in the fact that we cannot lock the buttons or hold the cutlery. Sensory perception with aging weaken, which affects fine motor skills, natural movements of the hands become more difficult to perform, problems can also occur in the sensation, e.g. when it's harder to detect textures and shapes and learn new motor skills.

Observing and carrying out the task also depends on our focused attention. Attention plays a key role in almost all mental processes, allows us to follow the conversation, perform some activity, observe nature, listen to music, paint, try good food, etc. If we are more motivated for a particular task and want to do it, our attention will be greater and the observation more precise.

Painting does not require special artistic abilities, since the colors and shapes are already present, the person can not be mistaken. The image is revealed in harmonious colors and shapes, which can give a sense of success. The pictures represent domestic, familiar environments.

The product is made in such a way that the image is revealed gradually, so the individual can start to guess what will be displayed at the outset. It thus carries on its memory to recall the name and meaning of the image and associate it with its past experiences. When a person observes the image, he/she activates the recall of memories from his/her past (episodic, autobiographical memory) and tells us about it. This strengthens communication skills and speech skills, and maintains a sense of self-worth, competence, trust, security and acceptance.

Activities that promote artistic expression and creativity, promote the functioning of the left and right brain halves, enhance imagination, relax and calm. The advantage of artistic expression is the activation of the two brain halves.

Each activity has positive effects only when it is not too easy for the person and not too demanding, so it is important to select the appropriate complexity of the activity. The principle of three keys applies to success:

  • Frequency: Activity should be performed sufficiently frequently (recommended 2-3 times a week).
  • Duration: more repetitions are needed over a longer period of time (2-3 months).
  • Intensity: Intensively enough means that we take an active part in the activity and insist on it for a while (15, 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the individual's ability).

Additional information

Dimensions: 26cm x 21cm

Brushes: Not included

Manufacturer: Active Minds



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