Audio lotto


Audio Lotto is an excellent tool for encouraging children to listen carefully, discern sounds and match pictures to sounds. When all image tiles are selected and placed in the right order, the backs of the tiles combine to create a large image. The CD-ROM containing 25 different sounds has two full sets of image cards (2x 25). This allows two children to play simultaneously. Self-checking.

Activity is appropriate:

  • for children
  • for people with a mild to advanced dementia
  • as preventive activity
  • as an independent activity, activity in a pair or activity in a group

Key product benefits:

  • Preserves and strengthens auditory recognition
  • Preserves and strengthens auditory perceptions
  • Strengthens and maintains brain plasticity
  • Preserves and strengthens the sense of personal ability and competence
  • Offers entertainment


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Audio lotto is a multi-functional fun activity in which we strengthen our auditory and visual perceptions, our attention span and memory. When we close our eyes and focus solely on sounds, we strengthen our auditory attention and attention span. The use of this product has many positive benefits:

  • The activity activates multiple sensors and our cognitive functions; therefore, we consider it to be a multisensory activity. Knowledge and information gained in this way is considered to last longer in our memory.
  • Hearing and recognizing sounds, without seeing or knowing which sounds will be played, strengthens auditory sharpness and perception. In this activity we play the sounds and the person listening has to connect the sound with the picture we provide.
  • The sound is heard through our auditory receptors, which are located in our inner ear. The sound travels along an auditory path through both hemispheres. The left hemisphere is specialized in sound processing connected with language, and the right hemisphere deals with the processing of sounds connected with melody. People in the severe stages of dementia can sometimes recall memories through melody, while they might not even recognize the voice of their family members.
  • With sound recognition, our auditory signals travel through many layers of neurons in different areas of the brain (sensory, motor cortex, area for memories, feelings, emotions, language, speech, etc.) and are associated with motor responses. Therefore, certain sounds, music and melodies awaken in us the need for movement, dancing, singing, etc.
  • Music can also recall memories from the past (episodic memory) or knowledge of music (semantic memory). While listening to sounds and creating images in our minds, we reinforce working memory.
  • Auditory attention is responsible for our focus on sound or melody. We can strengthen our hearing sensors with this exercise. Musicians have a very sharpened sense of sound or tones, so they can detect sound details more easily and quickly (for example, which instruments are included in a song, which tones are heard, etc.).
  • When sounds are associated with image templates and classified into groups, visual perceptions and cognitive functions are also involved. When training hearing sensation, we also strengthen our mental functions and create a cognitive reserve.
  • If we play the game as a social activity, we strengthen and preserve communication skills, social competences and promote positive self-image.

Each activity has positive effects only when it is not too easy for the person and not too demanding, so it is important to select the appropriate complexity of the activity. The principle of three keys applies to success:

  • Frequency: Activity should be performed sufficiently frequently (recommended 2-3 times a week).
  • Duration: more repetitions are needed over a longer period of time (2-3 months).
  • Intensity: Intensively enough means that we take an active part in the activity and insist on it for a while (15, 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the individual's ability).


Additional information

Contents: CD-ROM, 50 image tiles (2x 5 sets of 5), manual, wooden box with partitions and lid (34 x 20 x 6 cm).

Manufacturer: Educo


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