Basic-fraction dominoes, circle


Match written fractions with fractions represented as part of a circle. Start by placing the card with the arrow. The arrow shows the direction in which the cards should be placed. The card also contains a written fraction. Look for the corresponding pictorial representation of the fraction. Place this card and continue with all cards in the same way.

Activity is appropriate:

  • for children
  • for people with a mild to advanced dementia
  • as preventive activity
  • as an independent activity, activity in a pair or activity in a group

Key product benefits:

  • Strengthens and consolidates mathematical concepts
  • Stimulates analytical and logical thinking
  • Preserves and consolidates the recognition and use of numeric symbols
  • Maintains and strengthens declarative and semantic memory
  • Relaxes and maintains a sense of personal ability
  • Strengthens mind activities: attention and concentration
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Dominoes are a popular game for all generations, and with mathematical dominoes (numbers, decimal numbers, percentages and fractions) we are mentally active and reinforce our mathematical skills.

Using these tiles allows the individual to consolidate the parts of the whole and thus preserve mental activity. At the same time, it stimulates learning through motion and visual representation and fine motor skills. This activity can be sociable, but we can also use it to train and preserve mathematical skills.

We count when we are shopping, analyzing family expenses, weighing food, counting days, etc. Many events are stored in early childhood. When they have solidified, they are stored in long-term memory. Over the years, when certain cognitive functions decline, we can maintain knowledge as long as possible by practicing mathematical skills. By playing game, this activity will be even more pleasant in a fun, relaxed way, played alone, in pairs or with friends. With the game we strengthen mathematical skills, declarative and procedural memory.

  • There are several types of memory. Knowledge, personal experiences and events from our lives are stored in declarative memory in conceptual networks that are intertwined with each other, like a spider web. The data are grouped into categories and have a certain sequence or hierarchy. In classifying, categorizing and comparing exercises we activate our conceptual schemes.
  • This activity strengthens declarative memory, because we sort numbers by size and we use our knowledge in computational operations.
  • During the calculations, we keep the numbers in our memory for a short time in order to recall the correct result. This is when we use our working memory. By training our short-term working memory, we can increase the capacity of our working memory, but some cognitive abilities may also be improved, since working memory affects the processes of the higher cognitive areas.
  • Procedural memory is strengthened when we calculate or gradually perform (in steps, in a certain order, etc.) some task.

The combination of abstract numbers and symbols displayed graphically enables the easier and quicker retrieval of data from long-term memory, therefore a person with a cognitive impairment or who is in the initial stage of dementia will find it easier to follow the activity.

If we perform the game as a social activity, we maintain communication skills, social competences and promote positive self-image.

Each activity has positive effects only when it is not too easy for the person and not too demanding, so it is important to select the appropriate complexity of the activity. The principle of three keys applies to success:

  • Frequency: Activity should be performed sufficiently frequently (recommended 2-3 times a week).
  • Duration: more repetitions are needed over a longer period of time (2-3 months).
  • Intensity: Intensively enough means that we take an active part in the activity and insist on it for a while (15, 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the individual's ability).

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